For Wild Nature (FWN) is a project, sponsored by Wild Will, that primarily focuses on informing the general public on subjects like evolutionary biology, conservation, rewilding and reports by radical environmental groups. FWN is split into two projects: Blog for Wild Nature (BFWN) and Memes for Wild Nature (MFWN).

MFWN can be found on Facebook. While MFWN is mostly posting excerpts with a link to articles posted on this website, occasionally MFWN (re)posts something that links to other websites or unique memes on subjects mentioned above.

BFWN is focused on (re)posting articles on the subjects mentioned above with the purpose to inform the general public about the importance of wildness within conservation, as stated on the Wild Will page here.

BFWN currently accepts submissions that fits the following criteria:

  • Content is focused on wilderness conservation, or
  • Content is focused on rewilding, or
  • Content is focused on environmental activism

For any questions you might have please contact us here or on Facebook. Kindly send submissions to submissions@forwildnature.org. Note that submissions@forwildnature.org does not accept encrypted e-mail. If you wish to speak with us using an encrypted method, please let us know by contacting us here.

Live wild or die,
For Wild Nature

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