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Note about the existence of texts falsely attributed to Ted Kaczynski

The purpose of this note is to draw attention to the existence of some texts, circulating in both paper and digital format, whose authorship is being falsely attributed to Ted Kaczynski.

Some, such as The rehabilitation of the State by leftists (edited by Tormentas Negras)1 or Communique before the Obama presidency2 are simply texts attributed to Ted Kaczynski but written entirely by other authors.

Both the style and content of these texts are very different from the authentic texts of Kaczynski. Often the authors of these fraudulent texts use an exalted, even insulting, style, not like Kaczynski’s. Also the terminology used by these imposters tends to be typical of radical leftism, not really used by Ted Kaczynski in his authoritative texts. References to capitalism, imperialism, etc., typical of socialist and libertarian discourse, abound in these fraudulent texts. One of the most characteristic features of Kaczynski is his disdain for leftism, including such cheap terminology.

In terms of content, they tend not to move from the typical anti-capitalist protests, the criticism of the less radical leftism (and only this), the rejection of the State, etc.

These crooks are exploiting certain traits vaguely similar to the speech of Ted Kaczynski, as they were, an apparent rejection of the industrial development, or a skewed use of the term “leftism” (normally concerning only leftist currents other than the one to which those who write the text belong), to try to sneak their texts before the public using the signature of this author.

Certainly, differences in style and content are obvious and sufficient for anyone with half a brain who knows the authentic texts of this author, but unfortunately, it may happen that there are intelligent readers who have never read a text by Kaczynski before and so lack references to discriminate spurious from authentic texts. Mainly this call is addressed to them.

On the other hand, there are many illegitimate versions of the authentic texts of Ted Kaczynski: incomplete and adulterated texts, mistranslations, unauthorized editions, etc.

Thus, at the request of Ted Kaczynski himself, it should be noted that the only ones of his texts that should be recognized as authentic are those which meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • He himself directly and explicitly recognizes them as his own by personal communication.
  • They have been published in his book Technological Slavery (Feral House, 2010). Electronic versions of the texts in this book should not be regarded as authentic.
  • Julie Herrada, curator of the Labadie Collection, confirmed by personal communication that the original or a copy of the text, authenticated by a confirmation from Ted Kaczynski, are in Labadie Collection, University of Michigan.
  • Último Reducto confirms that they are authentic texts by direct personal communication. [ultimo.reducto@hotmail.com]


  1. This text only appears with the signature of Theodore Kaczynski in the Tormentas Negras paper edition. There is an Internet version signed by a Théodore. It is likely that this group was negligent in confusing the real author with Kaczynski due to the similarity of both of the names.
  2. http://www.rebelion.org/hemeroteca/izquierda/theodore120301.htm.


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