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A sketch of Wildism in contrast to leftism

  Editor’s note: The following piece, written by one of our editors, John Jacobi, explains some of the basics of Wildism, the official editorial position of this magazine. As our about page explains, you don’t have to agree with the editorial position to submit to, enjoy, or even work (as staff) for the magazine. But […]


Leftism: The function of pseudo-critique and pseudo-revolution in techno-industrial society1,2 Definition Último Reducto regards as “leftism” any current or social tendency that is based on the following values: equality, indiscriminate solidarity, compassion toward alleged groups of alleged victims (with these or other names as “social justice,” “cooperation,” “brotherhood,” “universal love,” “peace,” etc.).3 In general, the […]


Industrial Society and Its Future

Contents § Excerpt from the “Forward to Technological Slavery” Introduction The Psychology of Modern Leftism Feelings of Inferiority Oversocialization The Power Process Surrogate Activities Autonomy Sources of Social Problems Disruption of the Power Process in Modern Society How Some People Adjust The Motives of Scientists The Nature of Freedom Some Principles of History Industrial-Technological Society […]

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