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A genetically pure plains bison and its calf roam in Alberta’s Elk Island National Park.

Bison coming ‘home’ to Montana Indian reservation

BILLINGS, Mont. — Descendants of a bison herd captured and sent to Canada more than a century ago will be relocated to a Montana American Indian reservation next month, in what tribal leaders bill as a homecoming for a species emblematic of their traditions. The shipment of animals from Alberta’s Elk Island National Park to […]

Sediment trapped by dams has been making its way down the Elwha River, pictured in June 2014, to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. (Elaine Thompson / Associated Press)

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula loses 2 dams and gains a wild river

The United States is expanding. That was not among the goals when the Elwha River was set free. With the removal of two concrete dams that blocked the river for a century, the Elwha has released a wave of sand that has pushed the shoreline here north toward Canada. Acres of new land stand between […]

This is why cities can't grow all their own food

This is why cities can’t grow all their own food

If every homeowner in Seattle ripped up their lawn and replaced it with edible plants, the resulting crop production would be enough to feed just one percent of the city’s residents, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Washington. Previous studies in various cities have surveyed land currently in use for […]


Wild Bison Reintroduced to Netherlands

European bison went extinct in the wild in 1919, but now a few thousand are back, grazing in forests and on plains in a handful of countries. The first four of a group of 11 animals—Europe’s largest living land animal—were reintroduced into state forest land in the Netherlands earlier this month. The Dutch government hopes the […]

The Flathead River Valley

The Flathead River Valley

By: Austin Perez The Flathead River Valley is a vast area of magnificently beautiful wilderness that spans across the United States/Canada border from British Columbia to Montana. Conservation groups have just announced that more than $10 million in private and public funds have been acquired to protect the Flathead River Valley from mining and oil […]


Hunter/Gatherer 1.2 – Refuting the apartheid alternative

Abstract—Recently a proposed alternative to the traditional conservationist approach has popped onto the scene. It calls itself “eco-modernism,” and rather than advocating decreased economic growth, it calls for the acceleration of technical and economic innovation, saying that this will leave more land for wildlife. The eco-modernists have also borrowed concepts like “rewilding” from the wildness-centered […]

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