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Credit: Neal Herbert (NPS), flickr.

Map shows the wildest land linking protected areas of the U.S.

New research reveals key corridors that allow wildlife to move between protected areas of the U.S.–and explains why these places must be protected further. A paper published in the journal PLOS ONE by scientists from The Wilderness Society and other organizations identified the wildest corridors between national parks and other protected lands and suggested limiting development along these crucial “wild ways.”  With increasing development and […]

New report measures the footprint of human activity in the 11 westernmost states in the continental U.S.

Human development gobbles up hundreds of miles of western land each year

New research illustrates how much wild land in the American West is being overtaken by development. Development from mining to urban sprawl already covers about 165,000 square miles of natural area in western states—and it claimed nearly a football field worth of new land every few minutes between the years 2001 and 2011. These numbers come from a report released by the non-profit Center for American Progress and Conservation Science Partners […]

Photo by The Guardian / AP

10 species we know almost absolutely nothing about

From giant canopy-dwelling stick insects, to a mysterious spiny anteater in the Cyclops Mountains, onto otherworldly tentacles in the deepest depths of the ocean buried; there are plenty of species that we know almost nothing about, despite our best efforts. In some cases, the species is almost certainly extinct and just a handful of remaining […]


An Interview with Eco-Radical Leslie James Pickering

People don’t recognize it and can’t really qualify it, but when we pull ourselves away from the natural world all these subtle things inside us start going haywire. I feel like we’re meant to be in the wild, and have only been living in artificial environments for a tiny percent of our history. There’s so […]

A man washes in the Brahmaputra river in Guwahati, Assam. India is embarking on a massive rivers diversion project to alleviate flooding and drought. Photograph: EPA

India set to start massive project to divert Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers

India is set to start work on a massive, unprecedented river diversion programme, which will channel water away from the north and west of the country to drought-prone areas in the east and south. The plan could be disastrous for the local ecology, environmental activists warn. The project involves rerouting water from major rivers including […]

A cedar making its life on the cliff face. (Photo: Peter Kelly)

A Secret Forest Grew for Millennia in North America Without Anyone Noticing

Doug Larson was not looking for old trees. The ecologist started working on the cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment because, like the tundra where he had studied mosses and lichens, they were relatively untouched by humans. It didn’t hurt, either, that his new research spot was close to his home in Guelph, Canada, a university town just over […]

Left Greenpeace member Mathias Fridemark, right Co-founder The Wildist Institute and Wildist Jeremy Grolman. Photo by Ilias Bartolini

Protest against Vattenfall’s mining operations

According to the international news last week (May 9-16), more than 3000 protesters participated in an anti-coal campaign in the east of Germany said Greenpeace member Mathias Fridemark. The event was organized by Ende Gelaende to protest against the coal mining of a Swedish company, Vattenfall. Vattenfall announced last April that it planned to sell […]

An artist’s impression of the world’s largest floating windfarm planned off the coast of Scotland. Photograph: Statoil ASA

World’s largest floating windfarm to be built off Scottish coast

The world’s largest floating windfarm is set to be built off the coast of Scotland after its developers were granted a seabed lease on Monday.


Animal intelligence has been widely underestimated

For centuries, scientists have been obsessed with finding the one big difference that separates humans from other animals — things like tool use, observational learning and the ability to plan ahead. Almost as soon as that line gets drawn in the sand, chimps, crows and octopuses step, fly and swim right over it. It’s time […]

The mouth of the Brito River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean, the proposed western terminus of the Nicaragua Grand Canal.

Nicaragua Canal: A Giant Project With Huge Environmental Costs

Work has already begun on a $50 billion inter-ocean canal in Nicaragua that would cut through nature reserves and bring massive dredging and major ship traffic to Central America’s largest lake. Scientists and conservationists are warning that the project is an environmental disaster in the making. In a scenic lagoon on Nicaragua’s Brito River, less […]

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