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Sections of Great Barrier Reef suffering from ‘complete ecosystem collapse’

“Complete ecosystem collapse” is being seen on parts of the Great Barrier Reef, as fish numbers tumble and surviving corals continue to bleach into winter, according to a scientist returning from one of the worst-hit areas. “The lack of fish was the most shocking thing,” said Justin Marshall, of the University of Queensland and the […]


9 new natural sites added to World Heritage List

The list includes diverse landscapes such as Khangchendzonga National Park in India, a cultural and natural site home to endangered species such as the snow leopard and musk deer; Canada’s Mistaken Point, known for its unique, diverse and well-preserved fossils; and Iran’s Lut Desert, noted for its remarkable variety of desert landforms.

Red-shanked Douc langur of Southeast Asia.

Unknown, ignored and disappearing: Asia’s Almost Famous Animals

Try to name Asia’s most endangered animals, and iconic species such as tigers, orangutans and rhinos likely leap to mind. But pangolins, langurs or saola? Not so much. Most of us haven’t heard of these “other” species, and can’t even picture them.

One of the European brown bears that roam Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. (Photo: Jamie Lamb/Getty Images)

Clearcutting Europe’s Last Virgin Forests (& Calling it “Green”)

We tend to imagine that illegal logging mostly targets tropical forests in the Amazon, Southeast Asia, and other remote and poorly regulated regions, not in our own backyards. For people who pay attention to such things, there’s comfort in the idea that buying only Forest Stewardship Council–certified lumber keeps us free of complicity in criminal destruction […]

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The language of birds

You are walking through the forest, enjoying the orchestra of birdsong all around…suddenly everything changes. Some birds have gone deadly silent, while others are making anxious, diffuse high pitched seeeee! calls. Your pulse quickens. You know what’s coming and scan around. There it is! A sparrowhawk tears through the trees at lightning speed, as if […]


Go For a Virtual Swim in a Beautiful Finnish Pond

The pond is the most humble body of water: often vernal in nature, relatively small, and usually not somewhere you’d like to go swimming. This video will change that, as it is taken from the perspective of a snorkeler swimming through Kiikunlähde, a pond in Hollola, Finland. Granted, Kiikunlähde is no ordinary pond: its waters […]

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