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Introduction to The Life of an Ecoradical

17038631_746174342204662_5324862110041360154_oMy name is Jeremy Grolman and I’m an Ecoradical. Some of you know me as a Wildist from Wild Will (www.wildism.org) and some of you know my just by Facebook or Skype. As of February the 22nd, 2017, I am living somewhere on Visayas (1 of the 3 main island groups of the Philippines), with my Filipina girlfriend, in a ‘Nipa’ hut, but with plywood walls and an aluminum roof, without running water and trying to live without electricity as much as possible. The times that I’m using electricity will be to charge my laptop, mobile phone and pocket wifi (mobile internet device).

The idea is to live without electricity, running water and as self-reliant as possible. For now we are still getting most of our food from the market, but hopefully that will change in time. There is much to learn from a place that is completely new to me.

I am going to write a journal about my life here and post it on BFWN. But because I possibly only have internet access a few days a week I try to update the journal at least once a week. My first update will be upcoming weekend.

in 2012 I once lived in Scandinavia for about 6 months without money, hunting, fishing and gathering my food. if I have time to finish that article I will also post that on BFWN.

Live wild or die,
Jeremy Grolman


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