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Introduction to The Life of an Ecoradical

My name is Jeremy Grolman and I’m an Ecoradical. Some of you know me as a Wildist from Wild Will ( and some of you know my just by Facebook or Skype. As of February the 22nd, 2017, I am living somewhere on Visayas (1 of the 3 main island groups of the Philippines), with […]


I’m sorry if rewilding hurts farmers, but we need it

Apart from crags and pockets of ancient woodland, the British uplands are manmade. Three thousand years before Christ, neolithic farmers felled the trees and gave us a landscape stripped to grassland by grazing sheep we take as “natural” today. Two thousand years after Christ, new forces are moulding the British uplands. They will bring back […]

Left Greenpeace member Mathias Fridemark, right Co-founder The Wildist Institute and Wildist Jeremy Grolman. Photo by Ilias Bartolini

Protest against Vattenfall’s mining operations

According to the international news last week (May 9-16), more than 3000 protesters participated in an anti-coal campaign in the east of Germany said Greenpeace member Mathias Fridemark. The event was organized by Ende Gelaende to protest against the coal mining of a Swedish company, Vattenfall. Vattenfall announced last April that it planned to sell […]

De industriële samenleving en haar toekomst

De Industriële Revolutie en de gevolgen ervan zijn rampzalig geweest voor de mensheid. Ze hebben in ruime mate de levensverwachting verhoogd van degenen onder ons die in de ‘ontwikkelde’ landen leven, maar ze hebben de samenleving ontwricht, het leven zijn voldoening ontnomen, de mensen onderworpen aan vernederingen, alom tot geestelijk lijden geleid (in de Derde […]

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